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Tuesday, May 21

SCHOOLS FAIL BOYS: Even Massachusetts, one of the world centers of political correctness, has noticed that boys are in trouble. The Boston Herald reports on the gender gap in education -- and it does not favor boys. In fact it threatens to create a massive male underclass in the Bay State. 62% of women graduate from high school, but only 48% of men. College students follow a similar pattern: 170 women will earn an associate's degree for every 100 men; and 130 women will earn a bachelor's degree for every 100 men.

The results are serious for society:

...less education contributes to dramatically lower earning power, lower rates of marriage and higher rates of imprisonment for men, particularly blacks and Hispanics.

Nor do women really benefit: women dislike marrying less educated men; men are still the primary breadwinners, and anything that hurts their earning capacities hurts their families.

Feminism made the situation worse in the past 20 years, but American schools for several generations have been geared to girls: the school environment, with its emphasis on sitting still and absorbing lectures, or on talking and discussing, is designed for girls and not boys (see Huckleberry Finn). Poor males, especially blacks, see schools as sissy and effeminate, and tools of female domination. Boys in poor neighborhoods rarely see successful males who have made it legitimately by study and hard work.

Single sex-schools would help (see previous blog) but only if the schools for boys teach in a way that helps boys learn: there must be an emphasis on competition, physical activity (not just a few sports teams), on problem solving.
Educational researchers could study the schools that succeed with boys and publicize the methods that work.

Feminism is an ideology (like Marxism) that rapidly collides with reality. Reality usually loses in the minds of ideologues -- if the facts don't fit reality, so much the worse for the facts. If the feminists win the battle for education, boys (and society) lose.

8:37 AM

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