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20.4 — May, 2007

Bacon’s Back

The Religious Foundation of Francis Bacon's Thought
by Stephen A. McKnight

17.2 — March, 2004

Blinded by Science
The Sense of Being Stared At
by Rupert Sheldrake

21.10 — December, 2008

Damage Control
Power, Love and Evil: Contribution to a Philosophy of the Damaged by Wayne Cristaudo

20.6 — July/August, 2007

In His Sanctuary
Recalling the Hope of Glory: Biblical Worship from the Garden to the New Creation
Allen P. Ross

17.8 — October, 2004

Intriguing Lessons
Elizabeth Costello by J. M. Coetzee

18.3 — April, 2005

Reality . . . What a Concept!
Metaphors We Live By
by George Lakoff
and Mark Johnson

21.7 — September, 2008

Restoring a Reformer

Calvin, Participation, and the Gift: The Activity of Believers in Union with Christ
by J. Todd Billings
Image and Word in the Theology of John Calvin
by Randall C. Zachma

20.2 — March, 2007

Secular Saviors

Earthly Powers: The Clash of Religion and Politics in Europe from the French
by Michael Burleigh

20.7 — September, 2007

Shades of Sheol
Resurrection and the
Restoration of Israel
by Jon D. Levenson

19.10 — December, 2006

The French Invention

The Conversion of Imagination
by Matthew W. Maguire

21.8 — October, 2008

Viennese Faults
Sacred Spring: God and the Birth of Modernism in Fin de Siècle Vienna by Robert Weldon Whalen

20.3 — April, 2007

Water Works
Early and Medieval Rituals and Theologies of Baptism
& Reformation and Modern Rituals and Theologies of Baptism
by Bryan D. Spinks

15.4 — May, 2002

Becoming Aeneas, Becoming Paul

Hell & Dante’s Education in Love

19.4 — May, 2006

Divine Light from Kings
Evangelical Ecumenism & the Gospel in the Story of Israel Divided

22.6 — July/August, 2009

Freedom & Propriety
Rituals of Spontaneity: Sentiment & Secularism from Free Prayer to Wordsworth by Lori Branch

23.4 — July/August, 2010

Sign of the Son
What Did Constantine Know & When Did He See It?

18.4 — May, 2005

Still Our Ancient Foe

Why Enmity Is Crucial to Peace

18.2 — March, 2005

The Christian Novelty

What Homer Could Not See, & Jane Austen Could

30.3 — May/June, 2017

The Look of Revelation
Christian Formation in Our Apocalyptic Age

16.1 — January/February, 2003

This Great Stage of Fools
Christian Orthodoxy in Shakespeare’s King Lear

22.4 — May, 2009

When Gentile Meets Jew
A Christian Reading of Ruth & the Hebrew Scriptures

16.7 — September, 2003

Cruciform Education
on College & the Gospel

17.7 — September, 2004

Godly Eros

on Christian Love in Marriage

23.2 — March/April, 2010

Job’s Progress

on Maturity for a Rising Generation

18.7 — September, 2005

Pluralism's Pride

on Why All Religions Can’t Be Equal

22.8 — November/December, 2009

Souls Bound & Unbound
on the Surprising Madness of the Gospel

17.6 — July/August, 2004

The Real News from Lake Wobegon
on Charity, Conversation & Celebration

15.5 — June, 2002

Virtual Evolution
on Media & the Nature of Science

14.10 — December, 2001

When Marriage Is Dying
on the Meaning of Christian Marriage

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