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15.5 — June, 2002

“I Have Called You Friends”

An After-Dinner Conversation on Christian Friendship

15.5 — June, 2002

“Prayer Rhythms” Redivivus
The Anglican Breviary,
South Korea: Hanku Asia, Inc., 1998

17.5 — June, 2004

A Sensible Growth in God

How to Make True Progress According to St. Athanasius

13.3 — April, 2000

Between Two Fears
Why Gregory Nazianzen Ran Away from the Priesthood: A Reflection on His Second Oration

13.7 — September, 2000

Convert Provocateurs

A Plea Against Polemics Between Catholics & Orthodox

4.4 — Fall, 1991

Creed & Spirituality

13.8 — October, 2000

Eastern Lights & Shadows
Reflections on Orientale Lumen IV

14.3 — April, 2001

Evangelical Ressourcement
Ancient-Future Faith
by Robert E. Webber
Retrieving the Tradition and
Renewing Evangelicalism
by D. H. Williams

15.1 — January/February, 2002

God?s Word in Color
The Mystical Language of Icons
by Solrunn Nes

22.5 — June, 2009

Intimations of the Word
Is There a Universal Grammar of Religion? by Henry Rosemont, Jr. & Huston Smith

17.5 — June, 2004

Old Landmarks
The Church and the Land
by Fr. Vincent McNabb,
Flee to the Fields

15.9 — November, 2002

Poking Fun at Islam
The Flying Inn
by G. K. Chesterton

14.8 — October, 2001

Primacy & Conciliarity
Addison H. Hart on Orientale Lumen V

17.8 — October, 2004

Radiant Art
The Uncreated Light
by Solrunn Nes

11.6 — November/December, 1998

Real Theology: Paul Quay & “Recapitulation”
The Mystery Hidden
for Ages in God
by Paul M. Quay, S.J.

11.3 — May/June, 1998

Sentiments Abstractly Christian
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, and the Catholic Imagination

17.10 — December, 2004

The Divine Divider

Judgment & the Meaning of “Emmanuel” in Matthew’s Gospel

15.4 — May, 2002

True Sons of St. Benedict
Words of Life
by Dom Columba Marmion
Custody of the Heart
edited by William P. Hyland

16.6 — July/August, 2003

Turning Our Hearts to the Cross

A Response to Metropolitan Maximos

16.9 — November, 2003

Wayfaring Between Two Infinities
The Life You Save
May Be Your Own
by Paul Elie

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