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21.9 — November, 2008

African Power
How 192 Delegates Saved Methodists from Madness & Other Stories from the General Conference

16.3 — April, 2003

An Honored Prophet
Stanley Hauerwas: ?America?s Best Theologian?

13.10 — December, 2000

Apostasy at 2000
Episcopal Institute Promotes Pantheism, Syncretism

19.8 — October, 2006

Blue Songs & Red Cowboys
What Presbyterians, Baptists & Episcopalians Did over Summer Vacation

18.1 — January/February, 2005

Bob’s Hope
Post-Election, NCC Leader Reaches Out to the Left Behind

11.5 — September/October, 1998

Church News from Washington

10.3 — Summer, 1997

Church News from Washington

11.2 — March/April, 1998

Clueless: The Courtships of the NCC
Church News from Washington

15.1 — January/February, 2002

Confused by Terror
on Liberal Theology & September 11

14.3 — April, 2001

Contra Mundum Redux
on St. Athanasius

13.2 — March, 2000

Dead on Impact
The Demise of an Interfaith Lobby

12.2 — March/April, 1999

Desperately Seeking the Mainline?
Roman Catholic Bishops & the National Council of Churches

19.7 — September, 2006

Eminent Betrayal
Our Endangered Values:
America’s Moral Crisis
by Jimmy Carter

16.9 — November, 2003

Episcopal Road to Nowhere
ECUSA’s “Gay” Bishop Is Not Christianity’s Future

15.7 — September, 2002

Flagging Patriotism

on Christians & Love of Country

12.5 — September/October, 1999

Hateful Pastor Distorts Christianity

21.10 — December, 2008

Hell’s Back
on a Surprising Mainline Descent into Gehenna

13.1 — January/February, 2000

In Defense of Our Traditions
on Denominationalism

15.6 — July/August, 2002

Indigenous Chic
Christianity & the Cult of Indigenous People

17.7 — September, 2004

Light from the Dark Continent
Africans’ Orthodoxy Steadies United Methodist Church

14.10 — December, 2001

Mad About Religion
Norman Lear Launches New Religious Partnership

12.5 — September/October, 1999

Mainstreaming Homosexuality

13.7 — September, 2000

Maze Craze

Labyrinths Latest Fad for Spiritual Seekers

19.3 — April, 2006

Membership Ruse
Will Methodist Courts Embrace “Gay” Methodists?

14.2 — March, 2001

Morally Bankrupt
Sex & Money at the National Council of Churches

8.3 — Summer, 1995

Nothing to Celebrate

A Report from an Ecumenical Student Conference

20.8 — October, 2007

Post Conversion

12.3 — May/June, 1999

Presidential Pardon?
From the Eye of the Storm
by J. Philip Wogaman
Judgement Day at the White House
edited by Gabriel Fackre

15.1 — January/February, 2002

Race Card Players
US Mainline Churches Flock to Conference on Racism

16.3 — April, 2003

Religious Leftovers
How the National Council of Churches Lives Off the Agenda of the Democratic Party

15.3 — April, 2002

Shepherd Under Fire
An Interview with Bishop Bullen Dolli of Sudan

15.3 — April, 2002

Sojourn to the Center
Has Religious-Left Activist Jim Wallis Gone Moderate?

13.3 — April, 2000

St. Barabbas?

The New Martyrs of the Religious Left

12.4 — July/August, 1999

Still Nothing to Celebrate
Ecumenical Student Conference Includes “Pro-Gay” Themes

11.6 — November/December, 1998

The Demise of the World’s Greatest Mission Agency
on Mainline Decay

18.7 — September, 2005

The Empire Strikes Out
Theologians Pit Christ Against Imperial America

14.1 — January/February, 2001

The Fear of Renewal
Seminary Event Blasts Mainline Reform Groups

13.4 — May, 2000

The Flimflam Apostles
The Jesus Seminar Goes on a Mission

18.6 — July/August, 2005

The Thick & Thin Man
Walter Brueggemann’s Penumbral Notions & Theatrical Sense

22.1 — January/February, 2009

The Upper Reaches
The Remarkable 50-Year White House Ministry of Billy Graham

16.2 — March, 2003

Vietnam Protest
Is There Really Religious Liberty in Communist Vietnam?

14.6 — July/August, 2001

We Don’t Get No Respect
Think Tank Considers Why the Mainline Is Ignored

17.3 — April, 2004

World-Class Bully
The World Council of Churches Takes On a Superpower

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