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Never evasive and never dull, Touchstone is acclaimed by a wide range of Christian leaders for its honest reporting, thought-provoking analysis, and bold commentary. The magazine features cultural criticism and editorials that tackle tough issues, learned and fresh Bible commentary, interviews, book reviews, news of the Church across denominational lines and around the globe, and more.

"I have been a fan of Touchstone and Salvo for many years. Next to my Bible, I consider these publications 'must-reads' on a regular basis. They are chock full of wisdom. Just excellent!" —Roland C. Warren, President & CEO, Care Net

"Touchstone is the best defense of church and culture available. Touchstone is a not a political magazine, and yet its articles inform all our political, cultural, and religious concerns today. It has informed my thinking across the board."—Dan Proft, Radio Co-Host of AM 560 "The Answer"

"What impresses me so much about Touchstone, alongside its commitment to pursuing the center of Christian orthodox theology and faith, is its information about the development of trends within Christianity. Others who are on the path to orthodox faith and who want to be informed about the Church need to read Touchstone." —Mitchell Pacwa, Professor, University of Dallas

"Touchstone is an indispensable platform for the Christian Tradition which I continually use in my ministry in the public square. Well-reasoned and well-written, it is incisive yet hopeful in commenting on the vital issues the people of God face in living out our faith in America today; I cannot recommend it more highly."—Timothy S. Mallard, U.S. Army Chaplain, Ph.D.

"Touchstone offers Great Tradition Christians steady nourishment in the faith once delivered to the saints. This singular journal is also an open invitation to the unchurched and the confused to discover anew that the truth of the Gospel sets us free in the deepest meaning of human liberation." —George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, and biographer of Pope St. John Paul II

"Touchstone is helping to rejuvenate the central core of Christian doctrine, bringing together Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox who want to focus on the most important truths." —Phillip Johnson, Author, Darwin on Trial

"I love everything about Touchstone—the writers, the topics they write about, the tone. As an adult convert to Christianity, I have a lot of ground to make up. Touchstone is an enormous help." —Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, Weekly Standard

"Touchstone is a voice that greatly needs to be heard in today's Christian world. If this is what robust ecumenism means, we need more of it!" —Kallistos Ware, Bishop of Diokleia

"Touchstone is a journal which I highly esteem. Touchstone exemplifies, in my mind, true ecumenical conversation and cooperation, in furthering the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our personal lives and in the world. I look forward to receiving each issue and usually find myself reading each issue in its entirety. Certainly, Touchstone has helped me to think more deeply about many aspects of the Christian faith and of its practice in a pervasively secularized society. It is my hope and prayer that Touchstone will continue its service, as we say in Latin, 'ad multos annos,' for many years. May God bless all who continue the noble and important work of Touchstone!" —Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

"There are magazines worth reading, but few worth saving. It is rare to find a magazine whose content is so intellectually, spiritually and religiously enriching that it is - like great books - worth keeping in one's library. We know we shall go back to it for future reference. Touchstone is just such a magazine."—Alice von Hildebrand

"For my time and personal investment few magazines deliver the intellectual and spiritual encouragement, with such insightful critique of important spiritual and cultural concerns, as Touchstone. I recommend it to church leaders who want to think and be stretched beyond their comfortable categories of thought and practice." —John H. Armstrong, President, Reformation & Revival Ministries

"Touchstone is courageous, unity-seeking, and profoundly committed to classic Christianity. It fills a unique lacuna in contemporary journalism. It informs Christians of many traditions of the ecumenical center of Mere Christianity. I commend it wholeheartedly to readers seeking to be accountable to the consensus fidelium." —Thomas C. Oden, Professor of Theology, Drew University

"I am much impressed by the broad ecumenical vision that Touchstone seeks to maintain as it calls the churches to unity and renewal under the Word of God." —†Donald Bloesch, Professor, Dubuque Theological Seminary

"Truly an exciting publication. As Touchstone grows, it grows more intriguing, inspiring, and informative." —Frederica Mathewes-Green, Author, At the Corner of East and Now

"What impresses me so much about Touchstone, alongside its commitment to pursuing the center of Christian orthodox theology and faith, is its information about the development of trends within Christianity. Others who are on the path to orthodox faith and who want to be informed about the Church need to read Touchstone." —Mitchell Pacwa, Professor, University of Dallas

"In a time when American Christianity often seems to be abandoning theology in favor of pop psychology and cultural accommodation, Touchstone keeps showing the depths of historic Christianity and applying its spiritual insights in a thoughtful, sophisticated, and engaging way." —Gene Edward Veith, Cultural Editor, World Magazine

"Touchstone combines a rare blend of interesting commentary and reporting with honest dialogue about common ground and differences within the Christian family. Central is the conviction that what unites us is far more important than that which divides us, and yet there is no surrender to sloppy thinking." —Kent Hill, President, Eastern Nazarene College

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